Healing Foods

As Certified Healing Foods Specialists, our mission is to share ancient common-sense strategies to overcome struggles of both the body and the mind. We strive to beautify and invigorate the community, and allow our guests to connect in ways that are being lost in our modern, tech-driven world. We specialize in education of traditional healing foods, workshops on culinary techniques, as well as resources for “green living” and detoxifying daily life. We help people unlock the powerful potential of the human body to heal and thrive by incorporating nutrient-dense meals with ancestral methods of preparation.

One of our primary roles is to teach people about the importance of buying food locally and the potent health benefits that can be experienced. We feel “real food” is worthy of celebration, and has the power to bring people together in the name of good health.

Additional services include counseling for small groups or individuals, workshops for creating homemade personal care products and remedies, budgeting for higher quality foods, shopping guidance to sort through confusing product labeling, and sourcing farm fresh goods from the region.

In the coming weeks, we’re excited to conduct educational events and documentary screenings related to our real food mission. Having participated with TEDx Jersey City* over the past few years, we’re interested in exploring the concept of quality “edu-tainment.” Here, learning can happen in a more casual atmosphere, with a chance for open dialogue about topics of local interest. By creating a modest stage for the community to share their voices, we can entertain and enlighten one another in new ways.

*To check out Kevin’s TEDx talk, go to: